Soul Transport Anatomical Flaw Fixer (STAFF)

Rating: N/A (Earth Shaking Wonder)

This staff, given to Tenshi Of The Healing Wind by Silkily Gallant Integrator many years ago, is a staff of immense power from the First Age said to have been stolen from Yu-Shan’s vaults; though, the true story of its origin has long been lost.

Attuning to this staff costs 16 motes and requires that the user has a compassion score of at least 3.
This staff has a single hearthstone slot at the very top.

The staff acts as the Resplendent Satchel of Healing but without the need to have seperate tools and the needles are launched from the staff as a Misc Action. The staff also has enough healing needles to be used simultanously on a number of patients equal to the user’s Permanent Essence and the needles automatically return to the staff once their healing is complete. This action may even be flurried as part of a stunt taking the normal flurry penalties.

Lastly, this staff provides a +2 dice pool bonus when used as part of a prayer.

Soul Transport Anatomical Flaw Fixer (STAFF)

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